Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Search in SharePoint 2013

Search for SharePoint 2013 redesigned with new components , improvement and features and these some of them:
1.       Functionalities of FAST has added to Search engine of SharePoint 2013 and no FAST Search product any more
2.       So PDF files now crawled without needing for iFilters
3.       One Search engine for foundation and Server
4.       Ajax User interface
5.       Visual Refinement
6.       Preview Pane for Search Result
7.       Web analytics service now under Search Service application,....

The Steps to Configure Search Service are same as previous version SharePoint
  1. Create Search Service Application
  2.  Add Your Web application to Content source
  3. Run Full crawl
  4.  Make sure Search service connection add it to your web application
  5. Search from your site

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