Saturday, September 7, 2013

Steps to configure a Corporate Catalog

Steps to configure a corporate Catalog to host apps in SharePoint 2013 as following :

  1. Configure DNS to accept *
    1. Open DNS
    2. Go to Forward Lookup Zones and right click and choose New zone...
    3. Click next and choose Primary zone and click Next
    4. keep the default settings and click next
    5. enter the zone name as for example "domain.local" and click next
    6. click next  and then finish
    7. Right click on "domain.local" and choose New Alias (CNAME...)
    8. enter the alias name as "*" and enter the FQDN as for example "apps.domain.local" and then ok
    9. you can test the above steps by ping for example a111.domain.local
  2. Go to Central administration and click on manage services on server
    1. start App Management Service
    2. start Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service
  3. Go to Centeral adminisrration and click on manage service applications
    1. Create a New App Management Service Application
    2. run the following powershell commands (Can't create this service from UI)
    3. $a = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication -applicationPool $pool -Name "Subscription settings" -DatabaseName SubScriptionSettings
    4. New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication $a
  4. Go to Central administration and click on Apps link
    1. click on Configure App URLs
    2. enter the app domain "domain.local' and prefix as "apps"
    3. click on Manage App Catalog and Create a new app catalog site and click OK
    4. create a site collection

  5. Go to Central administration and click on Apps link
    1. from here you can manage settings , permission and purshase apps from internet

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