Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tips for SharePoint 2013

  1. Creating a Web application with classic mode has deprecated but still you can create it using power shell.
  2. SharePoint Designer Settings are configured from Central administration for web application scope and from site settings of Site collection for Site Collection scope.
  3. Custom List does not has Incoming email option.
  4. You can create a Custom Service Application Proxy Group for multiple web applications only by using power shell :
    New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup "Custom_Proxy_Name"
  5. To use SharePoint 2013 Workflow you need to install Windows Azure Workflow add-on and then run the following command in SharePoint server to Create a Service application
  6. Guide for How to Configure Kerosene in SharePoint 2013
  7. Create a trust between Farms in SharePoint 2013 using SPTrustedSecurityTokeyIssuer
  8. If you restore a Farm backup content and settings make sure User Profile sync job is not running because this will cause to failing the restoring.
  9. If you backup a site collection from UI then you can't edit the site during the backup process but you can via powershell -UseSqlSnapshot (need Enterprise SQL Server ) or -NoSiteLock to force it not to lock the site during backup process.
  10. You can use Machine translation with Managed Meta data.
  11. No need to install language packs to enable Managed Meta data to support multiple languages.
  12. Prerequisites log folder c:\Users\sp_farm\Appdata\local\temp\prerequisiteinstaller*.log
  13. You can't change Content Type hub URL after you added from UI and you can only change it from power shell
  14. Set-SPMetadataServiceApplication -Identity "<ServiceApplication>" -HubURI "<HubURI>"
  15. Make sure to allow connection in Web part security from Central administration when you want to connect between web parts.

  16. Guide for Rights Management in SharePoint 2013
  17. If you create a page based on friendly URL then you delete the term from Managed Metadata you need also to delete the page from the library to totally delete that link.
  18. /_layouts/15/osssearchresults.aspx only search inside the SharePoint site collection so if you have crawled file shared then you need to create Search Center to get results from there.
  19. Query Logging is Disable By Default.
  20. Get-SPLogEvent to read SharePoint Logs
  21. To merge multiple logs file from different server use
    Merge-SPLogFile -Path c:\mylogs
  22. To show logs in UI
    Get-SPLogFile -File c:\mylogs -StartTime 1:30 | Select * | Out-GridView or Export-svc
  23. SharePoint Active Directory in User Profile Service Just Import Profiles.
  24. Health Analyzer related to Usage Service Application.
  25. You can Set Global Search URL from Search Administration.
  26. To get list of fronted servers in the Farm
    Get-SPServiceInstance | ? {$_.TypeName -eq 'Microsoft SharePoint Foundation web Application' -and $_.Status -eq 'Online'}
  27. How to plan for Distrubuted Cache Service
  28. It's recommanded to avoid running Distrubeted Cache service in Server which has Search , project ,SQL or excel services.
  29. You can create a site column directly from inline editing of the list

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